March 12, 2013

eShakti dress review!

I am extremely excited to present my very first dress review! When eShakti contacted me I was actually caught off guard since I've never done a dress review before. I've always wanted to do something like this. Did I mention I was super excited?

I was thrilled to see that eshakti does sizes 0-32 with customization! Customization is only an additional $7.50 per item, with the first time being free! I was eager to try this since I have a hard time with general sizing. For dresses, in order for my waist to fit, I usually have to go with a medium. This causes the dress be too big in the chest area. It's a never ending battle for me. I was dying to try a custom dress!

It was very hard to decide what to get since there were so many cute dresses! The website was very easy to use. I have never taken my own measurements before, but they made it very easy. I simply did what the website said, and entered in the measurements.
eshakti review!

The dress arrived quickly (for a custom dress) and it fits perfectly! I slipped it right on without any problems. The waist and chest area fit perfect. What an amazing thing! When I did the customization I chose the length "as shown" which ended up being true to the picture. Sometimes when choosing a shorter dress, it ended up being too short for me so I was a little afraid. I realized I might of liked the shorter version in this particular instance. My bad.  No worries though, I love the dress just the same! I just know for next time to chose the short option.
eshakti review!

The quality of the dress is great! Everything seemed to be finished off with great care.
eshakti review!

The mesh at the top, wasn't too delicate that I was afraid to tare it.
It seems very strong aslong with all the stitching.
That's great for me since I tend to be hard on clothes. eshakti review!

Did I ever mention that's it's really hard for me to be serious all the time in photos?
I'm having a "Gandalf" moment here.
eshakti review!

O hai. This is me relieving the stress from being a model for a few minutes.
Or maybe it's that I'm just weird.
eshakti review!

One thing that I have to mention is, I was a little freaked out when I received the package and realized it came straight from India. I decided to do a little more research. I was happy to find this statement from the CEO about the working conditions:

"Something our customers might be interested to know is that we provide continuous employment with a good salary to a lot of skilled artisans. Our value chain extends at one end to our customers for whom what we offer is unique and beautiful and at the other end to our employees for whom their job at eShakti represents assured and much higher earning than what they would otherwise get. It might be important to reiterate here that we only employ those over 18 years of age and in fact most of our employees are over 21. Our work environment is the same across all personnel in the company and we work out of an air-conditioned space, one of the few of its kind in India."

With that being said, I'm SO pleased with eShakti! The fact I can get dresses that actually fit me is exciting. If you've ever had problems with clothes fitting correctly, I highly recommend this site. Well, even if you don't, I highly recommend eShakti. They have tons of cute clothes and the prices aren't bad at all. They also have a Bridesmaids collection which is fantastic! Definitely check them out.

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