March 11, 2013

Gravelly Point, Arlington VA

Yesterday, since it was the first nice day in a long time we decided to ride our bikes on the Mt. Vernon trail. Apparently everyone else had the same idea! It was so packed. We encountered several bike/people traffic jams. It was nuts! We rode about 8 miles out to Gravelly Point. It's a neat park area right at the Reagan National Airport. Airplanes land practically right over you. It's pretty nifty.  Of course you have a Wayne's World moment every time.

Gravelly Point - Arington, VA

Gravelly Point - Arington, VA Gravelly Point - Arington, VA

On the way home... still no eagles at the nest, but we did see this pretty Hawk!
Gravelly Point - Arington, VA

What did you do this weekend?
Hopefully the temperature is on it's way up and we can get out more!