April 9, 2013

Hair chop chop???


So, I still absolutely love my hair color. Bright pink with purple ombre. LOVE it! The problem is, the purple just won't stay in. It's so hard to capture in pictures...but the ends get grey/orange/purple in no time at all. The hair under the purple is where I had dyed my hair black a million times. It wouldn't bleach lighter than orange, thus the purple hair color won't stick. I am still doing the "no poo" method, and it still fades in just a few days, without even a real shampoo! So anyway, I was considering just getting it chopped off short so all the hair would be bleach-able  Like pretty darn short. I always have been afraid of this, because it's so "normal" looking to me.  I think I'm gonan take the plunge. Since my hair is pink, I'm doubting that it will look like a "normal" cut. Plus, it's only hair! What's the big deal anyway? It will grow out. Not the end of the world.
Right when I'm debating on this over and over in my mind... Kandee Johnson (who has the cutest short hair cut right now) made this video that totally inspired me. She is just the cutest thing. Love her and her upbeat bubbly attitude. 

Hazzaaahh!!! Be who you wanna be! Try different styles and get over what "other people" are doing. (I'm preaching to myself here). Why would we all want to be the same? Why would want to stay the same forever and/or look like everyone else?? Change is so good, and so fun!! Embrace your style and other's style...no matter what it may be!

Ok I think I've got it all out of my system. I'm all pumped up and ready for more change!