April 8, 2013


Is it ok if I basically steal an entire post from someone? Well, I'm gonna. :D 
Amber of "I love you to the moon" blog posted this verse today.
It really spoke to me, so of course I had to write it in my sketchbook journal.
So yea....here's my version.

I thought since I was on a roll, I'd do a "currently" list as well. 

Watching: Weird YouTube videos. Did you ever get sucked into "that weird part of YouTube"? I'm talkin, strange hard to diagnose medical problems, surgeries, mental illnesses....I don't know why I get sucked into those so often! They are all so fascinating to me. 

Reading: I have never read so much...ever. It's weird how things change in your life... I never used to have time, nor did I want to read. Now days, I have more time and it's so fun! It's peaceful and gratifying.  I'm always in awe of how things change, and your interests change. Hey, whatever!  I plan on doing a book review of the 4 Johnny Cash books I just read, and then the other random books I've been reading. Stay tuned!

Thinking about: We're going to see Five Iron Frenzy on Saturday! YEA!!! Only one of the greatest ska bands of all time. In my humble opinion anyway.

Eating: I think I've been eating a little too much lately. Feeling really fluffy. Need to get back to drinking more water and avoiding junk. I indeed have gained a few lbs since I was off track during the Dominican Trip. It never ceases to amaze me how easily I gain if I don't pay attention. Such is life I guess. I'm really trying to mentally turn a new leaf in this area. I want to continue what I'm doing, but in a more relaxed manner. I want continue to watch and exercise, but be content with how I look. I know there will always be ups and downs in the scale. I need to accept that and simply be happy that I am taking care of myself and the body that God gave me. 

Looking forward to:  Going back to Butler next week and my craft show at the Pittsburgh Mills. I get to spend a week with Dustin again...visit with my friend and family AND do a craft show. What could be better? Well, having Travis with me would be nice. He's on a business trip for the next two weeks. At least I'll have something to occupy my time!

Making me happy: Warm weather. Oh my. This seemed like the longest winter of my entire life! Oddly enough, it was probably one of the warmest winters of my life since I'm living further south. It just never bothered me as much before I had to manually take the dogs outside 4-5 times a day. I'm so looking forward to night walks that don't make me want to curl up and die.  

That's about it! What are you up to???