August 8, 2013


Reading: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking. This book is fantastic!
I'm realizing I'm NORMAL...for an introvert. ;D

Eating: Same as usual. Eating clean and healthy during the week...then ruined on the weekend. Sigh!

Thinking about: My creative blaaaaa that's been happening. I go to sketch and nothing comes out. What is going on?!?! I need something. Some sort of change. A new medium. Something to light the spark.

Enjoying: Records. New Converse Shoes. Iced coffee.

Watching: Hopefully I'll figure out a way to watch Breaking Bad here in a few days. I don't have cable and I don't have any friends around here that do either! AH!

Loving:  Biking with my love. Travis and I ride the trails together so much. Preparing for our Pittsburgh to DC trip in September and loving it!

Butler Freeport trail