July 26, 2013

Dream A Little Dream

How could I forget to write about my "Dream A Little Dream" experience in Wilmington, NC?  I knew that Dream A Little Dream was filmed in Wilmington, but only recognized a couple areas from the movie. With a little digging on the interwebs, I found out a little more info.

Coleman's house was a few blocks from downtown, so of course we had to go!

It's Coleman's house on Dream a Little Dream!!!!
It was hard to tell it was even the same place, since the shrubs and trees were all grown over.
But it was definitely the same place!
The school in the movie was actually right across the street from the house...sadly I didn't take any pictures. What was I thinking?

Next, the restaurant that the "old people" went to eat in the movie. It's right down town Wilmington.

Yay! The restaurant from Dream A Little Dream! #80s #coreyfeldman #coreyhaim


Lastly the waterfront where Coleman does his weird meditations.
There are several other scenes filmed there. Another scene from Dream A Little Dream.

So, being that this was one of my favorite movies like...EVER, I was in heaven!
I mean, Corey Feldman & Corey Haim = ultimate teen hearthrob duo!