August 21, 2013

Tour De Frederick

Travis and I spent the weekend in Maryland having our first group cycling experience with "Tour De Frederick" It was a fun experience for sure!!

Friday afternoon was a "leisurely 20 mile ride". Ok so 20 miles in itself is no big deal to me, but it was not leisurely whatsoever! Travis and I of course were the only people there without road bikes, which was pretty funny. I expected it, but still. It was all I could do to keep up with at least someone else in the ride. HAHAHA! It didn't work out too well. 

Saturday was the 62 mile metric century ride. The most I had ever done was 45 miles until then. It was great!!! Travis and I ended up breaking off from other people and just riding with the turn by turn directions ourselves. I liked that a whole lot more. I felt so much anxiety trying to keep up with people. I just wanted to enjoy myself!! Anyway, I did it and it felt great! My quads in the end did not feel great. LOL! There were a LOT of hills which I was not used to. Travis and I usually ride the trails which are relatively flat. So now I know that I will definitely be able to do the Pittsburgh to DC trip in a few weeks. Woohooo!! 

I did it!!! 62 miles. YayY! Travis too!
Tour De Frederick

All in all it was a super fun time. I especially loved the "all inclusive-ness" of it all.
Loads of free snacks, pop, beer, dinner...margaritas. Yus.