December 29, 2014

2014 Goals in Review

I love this time of year! Reviewing the last year and looking forward to the next! Last year was different. I feel like I set my goals sort of low and I'm glad I did. Moving back to Pennsylvania and Dustin's wedding took up so much time. Those were two goals I didn't know I would be going to accomplish! :D


Here are my goals from last year and how it went!

1. Read 30 books.
Well, I ended up reading 22 books. That's still a crazy number for me. I would of met my goal If I didn't move back to Butler. Now that I have friends and family back, reading time is way more limited. I'm not going to complain at all!

Road trip reads. SO GOOD!

2. Paint 12 new paintings.
I did 10. Not bad. Again, possibly could of accomplished this if I didn't spend the summer and fall doing other things. ;)

creative space

3. Start plans to illustrate book with Kevin.
Sure! Started some preliminary sketches and made a game plan for next year.


4. Do more urban sketching without being shy.
HAH!! I guess I did this.  I did a ton more sketching outside and even started the sketching group in Butler. I still feel shy, especially when by myself. I'm working on it!

Sketching at the Penn Theater

5. Develop new product for my Etsy shop.
Tote bags. Check!


6. Ride bikes with Travis in three new places.
Yes, definitely did this. Rode a trail in Annapolis, Maryland then in Punxsutawney and from Emlenton to Oil City in PA. There might be more that I'm not remembering right now.


Yay! I'm pretty happy with the results. . .
What I'm even MORE excited about is my "Jar of Awesome" that I did this last year.
More on this tomorrow!