December 30, 2014

My Jar of Awesome!!!

Last year I saw this fun little project somewhere online and decided to try it! It's the Jar of Awesome! Anytime something awesome happens, you just write it down and stick it in the jar. It's just a fun way of recording the amazing things in life you don't want to forget! So's now the end of the year (ok one more day but I couldn't wait any longer) and I got to open and read about my last year! So many fun many blessings.

In no particular order:

~ I rode the Duquesne Incline all by myself. . . literally.
~ Hit 1,000 sales on Etsy
~ Saw a wild stingray
~ Went to Philly to see Haim with my cousin Sarah
~ Rode on a sail boat
~ Finished PiYo
~ Painted "Loves Like A Hurricane"
~ Rode in a hot air balloon
~ Moved back to Butler
~ Saw the Atari's
~ Became a Beachbody coach
~ Took a bike trip to collect remainder of smashed pennies from DC area
~ I Made It! Holiday Market
~ Travis got his new job
~ Rode bike from Emlenton to Oil City (73 miles)
~ Applefest 2014
~ Travis turned 40
~ Nephew Ezra was born
~ Audiofeed
~ Rode the Punxsutawney trail
~ Rode random 45 miles with Travis
~ Rode Annapolis to Baltimore trail
~ Made a tote bag with fusible interfacing
~ Dominican Republic 2014
~ Went to the National Zoo
~ Dustin and Holly got engaged
~ Rode bikes to the Navy Yard
~ Found a $50 bill at Relay for Life. Donated it back.
~ Paid off school loan #1
~ 16 mile Kayak trip
~ Travis played a show with the Misfits
~ Sold Unfortunate Reality
~ Bought our first growler
~ Did crow pose for the first time
~ Travis drove the biggest truck of his life
~ Ate Alligator
~ Did the Color Run
~ Lost 15 lbs
~ Dustin and Holly got married!

Jar of awesome contents

After going through these it reminded me of other things I wish I had put in. It's all good. It was the first year I did this, so sometimes it was hard to remember to do it. This year I'll be more deliberate with it. Also, I am going to put the dates on every slip of paper. SO FUN! You should definitely try it! It's such an amazing way to review your blessings at the end of the year.