January 7, 2016


It's been a long time since I did a "currently" post. . . so here we go!


Obsessing Over
Getting my act together with fitness, weight loss and being healthy. This is an ongoing thing for me, not just a "New Year's Resolution." I love to work out and believe it or not I love eating healthy. I also really really love pizza and beer. Oy vey. My metabolism isn't great. Typically after I get to my goal weight I end up slipping back into weekend indulgence. . . like going out to eat 3+ times etc. Even if I exercise and watch what I eat during the weekdays, I'll still gain. Someday I will find a balance. Either way, I'm back to trying to lose again. 10-15 lbs is my goal. After that is WILL find balance in the force.  OH! Any cute athletic leggings. Yes. I love them all.

Working On
Getting back into the swing of things. I took a little break over Christmas. I'm currently coming up with some new pouches. I haven't been happy with the size of my pouches, so why should I think others would be? I'm attempting to make new ones that are slightly bigger. They will fit normal length pens and pencils and your big phones! I'm also going to reintroduce small coin pouches. As usual, trying to paint, draw and am working on commissions.

Umm... the next Star Wars film of course! Rogue One December 2016. Sigh. I've got a long way to go. Other than that, I'm pretty excited what this year holds. I've signed up for a few new craft fairs including Steel City Con in April! SO excited about that!

Listening To
Since Travis and I had a lot of vacation days together, we've listened to a lot of the same stuff. Recently the new Ignite pretty much on repeat. You should definitely check it out! When we are in the car, it has been Matt Baird of Spoken's solo album called Keeper of My Heart.  Love!

Michael Jackson: The Magic, The Madness, The Whole Story. I got slightly stalled out on some books I simply was not enjoying. So when I picked a new one out, it had to be something that would totally capture my attention. This would be it. I LOVE MJ!  This book is HUGE. over 600 pages. I don't think that will be a problem. Every page is fascinating. I love going through and listening to the music as it progresses in the book.

Healthy. I guess I already talked about this. Staying away from gluten and processed foods. Eating a lot of protein. Good stuff!

For summer. Ugh! I used to be such a winter person. Living in Virginia and bike riding ruined me of that. I still love it when it snows and such, but I want warm days and sunshine! This vitamin D deficiency is for the birds! 

What are you doing currently? Seriously... tell me!