January 4, 2016

Jar of Awesome 2015


The first year I did a "Jar of Awesome" I forgot to write about a lot of small yet awesome things.  I tried to be a lot more deliberate in 2015, not to mention I did a TON of stuff! Holy smoley! I am so thankful for all the fun adventures of life and blessings that come my way.

jar of awesome

I unpacked my jar in a more organized fashion, laying them out by month and date. January was a big month since I went to South Korea and Japan. May it gets crazy again with our bike trip in NYC and then so on all summer. I was barely home this year. It was crazy fun. Here's to another awesome year!

In semi-chronological order, the contents of my 2015 "Jar of Awesome!"

~ Went to my first speakeasy (thanks Nate)
~ Hung out with Mike Mains and the Branches at my house
~ Got in to see Mae & Mike Mains on the guest list at Mr. Smalls
~ Art Center Throw Down
~ Went to South Korea
~ Read "Steal Like An Artist"
~ Used a "squatty potty"
~ Tried Soju
~ Held a hedgehog
~ Went to a dog cafe
~ Got pressed pennies in Seoul
~ Went to the top of Tower 63 in Seoul
~ Drank a black bean latte
~ Went to Japan
~ Turned 38 years old
~ Went up Tokyo Tower and walked on glass floor
~ Got pressed pennies in Japan
~ Snow in Tokyo!
~ Ate goose liver by mistake and brussel sprouts for the first time
~ Got land sickness
~ Watched Filmage (a documentary about the band The Descendents/All)
~ Went to get pennies at awkward places by myself (Front Royal and Skyline Caverns) in Virginia
~ Pizza Paradiso!
~ Went to National Cathedral
~ Sold "Kiss the Cook"
~ Solo show at Grove City ArtWorks
~ Sold "Grace Flood"
~ New Bike Day! 
~ Watched Exhibition On Screen featuring Van Gogh
~ Tonight at 8:30 by Hobnob Theatre Co
~ Fab Art Show 
~ Rode the entire way up Locust Street for the first time
~ Dustin Kensrue in Cleveland
~ Renovo Craft openhouse
~ Art All Night 
~ Went to NYC
~ Visited the Statue of Liberty and went up to the crown
~ Collected 42 pennies in NYC
~ Rode the Five Boro Bike Tour in NYC
~ Saw John Mellencamp at the Benedum Center
~ Saw Mike Mains and the Branches at the Hard Rock Cafe - Pittsburgh
~ Biked 43 miles 
~ Hiked Kennedy Mills
~ Flowers from my love
~ Weapons of Choice played with The Queers, Richie Ramone at the 31st Street Pub
~ Painted Jeep for Suburban Animal Clinic
~ Went to Nashville
~ Johnny Cash Museum
~ Made Soap with Choe
~ Biked the River walk in Chattanooga
~ Went to Chattanooga and explored
~ Went to Snoopers Rock - Chattanooga
~ Audiofeed 2015
~ SouthSide Works Exposed
~ Sold "I Made Friends Instead"
~ Got Star Wars tattoo
~ Rode the Pennypack trail and all around Philadelphia
~ Went to This Is Hardcore 2015
~ Rode Mt. Vernon trail and visited Roosevelt Island
~ Eureka Retreat in Annapolis
~ Rode a sailboat 
~ Travis rode up Signal Mountains
~ Dad gave me pressed pennies from my childhood
~ Achieved 100 beers on untapped
~ Did stand up paddle board for the first time
~ Went to the Pittsburgh Children's Museum
~ Rode Hoodlebug Trail and Ghost Town Trail - 44 miles each way for our 18th anniversary!
~ Commission for Sara Monfre
~ Living Dead Weekend 2015
~ Did painting for Mike at Pennies Bake Shop
~ Weapons of Choice played with Agnostic Front at Cattivo - Pittsburgh
~ Went to Reclamation Soft Launch
~ Slippery Rock VillageFest
~ Reclamation job
~ Moved shop into Mystique Moon
~ Met with Denyse my old high school friend
~ Mystique Moon opened
~ Alderton Fall Festival
~ Cook Forest Bike MS
~ Applefest 2015
~ Country Roads tattoo
~ Taught Cider, Coffee & Canvases at WPCA
~ Had photo shoot with David McCandless
~ Saw Eisley at The Altar Bar
~ Visited Smithsonian
~ Indian Echo Caverns
~ Saw Attalus
~ Visited Lynn and Tanya, Chris and Christa Wagner in Hershey
~ I Made It Holiday Market
~ Received my "Axis of Evil" enamel pins
~ Rode up and hiked down Stone Mountain - Atlanta, GA
~ Visited CNN Center and other various places in Atlanta
~ Went to Hibachi for the first time
~ Went to "Little Five Points"
~ Rode on same plane as Hines Ward
~ Samantha Newark liked my Instagram photo
~ Saw Leigh Nash at Club Cafe - Pittsburgh
~ Matt Baird played at Reclamation and met us awesome family
~ Stirling Yoga Show
~ Applied to Steel City Con
~ Sold "Bandito Lobster of the Sahara Sea"
~ Saw A Christmas Carol by hobnob
~ Star Wars the Force Awakens - opening night!
~ Star Wars again with Travis
~ Star Wars again with Crystal
~ The New Years Awakens NYE party