July 15, 2010


Can I ask a serious question?

Do you mind when I post about stuff other than art happenings? I mean seriously. I never know if I'm posting too much random stuff or not.

The truth is, right now I'm working on commission work that is going to take time. Therefore, I don't have much going on in the art world that I can share. Sure, a few things here and there but ....*sigh*

SO. Travis, Dustin and I went to see Iron Maiden today! It was epic. I do wish they would of played more old stuff...especially from my personal favorite, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. Either way, so fun. It was Dustin's first time seeing Maiden as well!

Sorry for the crap, crappy pictures. It SAID in their rules that there were to be no "professional" cameras...so I brought my old one. Only to get there and see a few others walking around with big fat DSLR cameras. Whatevaaaaaaaa!