December 31, 2010


Wonderful things of 2010:
Turned 33 years old
Adopted my little Elora 
Published in HM
Got 2 new tattoos
Participated in Dragasmic
Participated in Art All Night
Painted CD cover for Nathan Stiteler
Hand Drawn Mountains summer EP
Got my new Canon Rebel T2i
Showed art at 3G Gallery
Played Momma Linda's and Gallery Stage at Cornerstone Festival 
Participated in the "Indianapolis Breakdown Club" (on the way home from Cornerstone)
Butler Project
Virginia trip!
Celebrated 13 wonderful years with Travis
Hand Drawn Mountains recorded with Christin Nelson of Listener (record coming 2011)
Commissioned by Don't Wake Aslin (look for this in 2011!)
Accomplished several other commission works (whew!)

Wow. I feel so very blessed. What an amazing year. I love you all...thank you everyone for accompanying me in this amazing journey of life.

Live your life to the fullest. Don't waste a single minute. 
Happy 2011!